perform per‧form [pəˈfɔːm ǁ pərˈfɔːrm] verb
1. [transitive] to do work, carry out a duty, task etc:

• It takes a highly skilled mechanic to perform repairs on this car.

• Symbols across the top of the screen let a user click a mouse button to perform common operations such as adding up a column of figures.

• These chips are designed to perform very specific functions, such as controlling computer disk drives.

2. [intransitive] to do what is expected or wanted:

• She looked good during the interview, but will she perform once she's in the job?

• The company's three divisions all performed well, despite the recession.

— performer noun [countable] :

• The company is a top performer in its field.

* * *

performer UK US /pəˈfɔːmər/ noun [C]
FINANCE a product, business, investment, etc. when it is judged by how well it operates, how much profit it makes, etc. compared to others: best/worst performer »

Retail shares were among the best performers of the day.

good/solid/strong performer »

It's a well-designed, solid performer for a reasonable price.

star/top performer »

The clothing store was the star performer in yesterday's interim results.

low/weak/poor performer »

Consumer products were the weakest performer with profits 4% ahead.

HR a person when they are judged by how well they are doing their job: star/top performer »

Although two employees could be of the same grade levels, top performers were assigned more prestigious positions.


a good/strong performer


a high/outstanding performer


a poor/low/weak performer

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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